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I'm gonna blow up Maddie's mommy. She's a meanie!

Is Santa Claus real?

My school is having a concert in two days. I have a few solos. And Mommy is making Zack and Cody go to it. Anyone else wanna go?

Maddie's mommy is going down! She was mean and made Maddie and Hairboy Trevor break up. She's going downer than the basement.

We got our Christmas tree. We decorated it and everything. Mommy picked me up to help me put the angel on the tree.

I asked my mommy where babies came from. And she looked all happy, and we had The Talk, as my brothers call it. Ew, ew EW! Who'd do that!? Yuck!

I have to figure out how to get to the mall to buy stuff for everyone.
I stood up with no help today! And it was in school! It doesn't really count if it's in therepy.
I'm grounded. This sucks.

The boys proved to Mommy that I did it. Stupid me, I left my backpack at the elevator, and Cody took her to the elevator and showed her. I'll get them for this.

In other news, we're moving into another suite tomorrow. A bigger and better one. It's usually for business people, two bedrooms and a study type thing. That's gonna be Mom's room. I'm glad she has a room. It's not fair she's on the couch. So I get my own room, and Zack and Cody get the biggest room cause there's two of em. I already packed everything up.

I miss Daddy.

What do you do if a friend told you a secret and made you promise not to tell, but she could be in trouble?


OOC: Yeah, tomorrow is moving day for the Martin's. Normally moving takes longer, but I figure it wouldn't, because they don't have to find a house, and make an offer and everything. And tomorrow is also the day Anastasia gets hurt. She gets hit by a drunk driver and passes out on the street, and someone (I’m thinking Zack and Cody) calls 911 and has traffic go around her and all that. And she goes into surgery to try and fix her spine, but the nerves in her back are injured and she’s paralyzed from her waist down. Sort of. It’s inspired by a neighbor. She’s in a wheelchair most the time, but can get around on crutches. She’s also mentally challenged, but I figure Anastasia has enough problems. And their dads gonna show. Because he shows up in an emergency, which this is.

And Evelyn’s dad is gonna “kidnap” her and her brothers again and they’re gonna hide in a suite.
I trick or treated and was a princess.

I got lots and lots of candy. I told the people my brother was in trouble and they gave me extra candy for Zack. And once Mom finsihes checking it, Zack can eat it.
Zack's grounded for blowing up the elavator.

*Only visable to Cody, Maddie and Lucy*
Which I did.


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